A gallery of modern rustic accents for you home decor influenced by the aspen groves of Colorado.   Welcome to Aspen Spirit


  I have been influenced by the aspen trees, and the rustic woodcrafters before me who used the basic elements available to furnish their cabins.  I took up the hobby of taking twisted aspen, and creating candle holders in 2004 after moving to the mountains and needing something to keep me occupied.  You could say my style is rather simple where as the tree, and limb shapes, are the soul of each piece.  I do very little carving or boring to fit my wood sculpture together.  Thanks to nature my specimens are already shaped, and de-barked, so my clever eye only has to trim, polish, assemble, and most importantly, balance.   My experience with hunting wood has taught me to choose, and only use the the sturdiest standing dead specimens, allowing me to create a piece of art that will stand the test of time.   I harvest my wood from our property in Bailey, and South Park, at elevations above 9000'.  (see pics on photo page)

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 My thanks to the following for inspiration and direction; God, and his forest's, friends, and artist's.

Heartfelt thanks goes out to our armed services that allow  me the freedoms I enjoy in this great Country.





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